A picture of young people and children horo dancing at Bliznaka Lake in Rila National Park caused massive outrage in the social networks, Trud wrote in its analysis. The colleagues from the television were so impressed by this topic that it turned to be the key topic in the morning shows on Monday.Who is to blame? Why are they guilty? What will be the fine for the organizer of the horo dance? But why didn’t the Directorate of Rila National Park stopped the cruel violators by all means? Such questions flooded the TV screen and Facebook. Of course, the news went in the social network of activists of the well-known “green” organizations. Because of the horo dance they were seeking for the truth from everyone - from the authorities, the offenders, even from those who explain that the trouble is not that big - yes, there is a violation of the regulations and the Ministry of Environment and Water immediately announced that there will be a significant sanction. But that did not stop the “greens”–they even went further by directly demanding the lift to Rila lakes to be stopped. The reason - there should not be so many people in the area because they ruin the nature. At the same time, they requested the resignation of the government because of the horo dance in Bliznaka lake. At the same time the “environmentalists” go every summer to the Coral beach on the Black Sea coast - park their cars and caravans on the sand and the protected dunes and destroy them. They also throw piles of garbage into places where the garbage trucks can not reach. And they spend the whole summer for free in their own barn. But what’s wrong if it is for free.No matter they insist themselves that Coral needs to become a protected territory. But that will be the end of their barns. They will not be able to go there, if they adhere to their logic for Rila, that “man hinders nature”. Obviously, it is about another double standard of the “greens” - when they are hogging the nature, everything is fine. But should anyone else dare to make a hundredth of their barns, they start howling to the heavens.

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