The economist Iliyan Vasilev wrote in Facebook that the confidence in the Greens collapsed because of their silence during the years on the concessions of the oligarch Hristo Kovachki. Whatever the Greens are doing now, the matter of fact is that their silence during the years on the concessions of Kovachki and Tilev has harmed their creditworthiness. You all remember their “fights”, including court cases against the concession of Assarel-Medetin Panagyurishte and in Tran /or wherever this company operates/, then Dundee Precious, the concession to extract oil and gas, including the fight against the shale gas, whereby they interacted with Borisov and the left partyto expel Shevron. It would be ridiculous to allege that they were simply responding to the civil uprisings /Tran/. In Bansko they were fighting till the end and in many aspects this identified them as politicians. I rememberthat one of their leaders participated in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the South Stream, yes, yes, one of those you’ve seen heading their protests, but this did not stop someone close to him working on the assessment of the South Stream to try to block Nabucco. Of course, not for profit. I can’tremember the Greens have ever pushed the society against the“right person”Kovachki, andwithallhis actions he is a synonym for ecological pollution. How can you explain this to yourself? They’ve “missed” Kovachki? It is possible, if it wasn’t so systematic and focused –for ten years now. That's why I request an answer from them, who and what agreements have signed with Kovachki and who has helped him with the Environmental Impact Assessment? Please admit it freely, without a fight. Because in order to award a lignite concession near Slivnitsa!?! and in the flatThracia - Prohorovo / first-class land / you need an unique combination of authority possession and motivated ecological omission. “They are silent - and the last person to answer is the politician Panev”, wrote Vasilev.