The green inhouse was his deputy Toma Belev’s idea

Did the former Minister of Ecology Borislav Sandov implement a scheme for green in-house orders in the Ministry of Education and Culture?

At the request of a non-governmental organization, another inspection was started in the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) by the State Financial Inspection Agency, the Audit Chamber and the Chief Inspectorate of the Council of Ministers for BGN 4.7 million given to the National Museum of Natural History; without competition and auction, Eco News reports.

At the end of the mandate of the "Petkov" cabinet, the former Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Sandov ordered the transfer of BGN 4.7 million to the National Natural History Museum, which is part of the National Academy of Sciences, which is close to the ecologists. The money is the first tranche of the agreed BGN 10 million for monitoring the Natura 2000 areas.

This green inhouse is the idea of Sandov's deputy Toma Belev.

The intention of the two is that green non-governmental organizations from the coalition To preserve nature in Bulgaria be hired for this activity as sub-contractors, without tenders and competitions. In this way, they provide funding to their close circles, as well as influence in environmental circles, the publication claims.

The Natural History Museum does not have the human resources to carry out such large-scale work on a territory - Natura zones are 38,000 square kilometers or about 35% of the country. It takes hundreds of people to do field research.

So far, similar studies have been done and the practice shows that only eco-activists from the green coalition "To keep nature in Bulgaria" are hired. or from the Green Movement party. Thus, their sympathizers and party figures are financially stimulated.

This is the second case when the tandem Sandov - Belev makes a green inhouse, Eco News writes. As soon as he took office as minister, Sandov signed an agreement with a supposed non-governmental organization, resembling a paramilitary formation, for the protection of all Natura areas, that is, almost 40,000 square km.

This contract is again without tender or competition. After the revelation of Eco News, Sandov initially lied that he had not signed anything. When the document became public, however, the deputy prime minister for climate went into hiding for a long time.

In the course of the inspection, carried out by the State Financial Inspection Agency, the Audit Chamber and the Chief Inspectorate under the Council of Ministers, the inspectors are expected to establish how and why Sandov gave BGN 4.7 million to the Natural History Museum without a public auction or competition.