The Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov obviously spends much of his working hours on Facebook, scolding long-standing journalists, shows a dispute raging in the Facebook medium.

The reason for Sandov’s outburst was a post by the journalist Yavor Dachkov who criticized the Minister of Environment and Water that, in spite of his promise to travel on foot, similar to his boss Kiril Petkov, he keeps using an expensive limousine.

“The Minister and Deputy Minister of Ecology get off the most powerful Audi diesel (comparable to Maritsa East Thermal Power Station on wheels) in downtown Sofia. Meanwhile the green policies aimed at destroying the economy are progressing fine,” wrote Yavor Dachkov in Facebook.

Instead of admitting his guilt, Sandov scolded the journalist that his post is yellow-brown, that the photo is of a car of the National Service for Protection (NSP) and an official visit was carried out in line with the protocol.

“I do not insist that the car does not belong to the NSP, but I do say that you are getting off it. You need to ask Boyko Rashkov to remove the cameras on Maria Luisa, because it will turn out that you are attending daily official visits at the building of the Ministry 😊 Some time ago a friend of mine, a minister in a transitional government, refused to use such a car and there were no consequences. I think you could also do something about the matter. And a friendly piece of advice: erase your Facebook profile because in the course of two months you have received damage that other colleagues of yours barely managed to accumulate after months of TV participations. Here is an express survey. Your predecessor Emil Dimitrov used a Skoda which remains parked in front of the Ministry even today. You are using an Audi which has also been parked there for a month because you are Deputy Premier. There are also other cars for representative and protocol purposes,” Dachkov replied.

Other social network users also joined the argument and commented that Sandov apparently has plenty of time to chat on Facebook, because the country is in perfect condition.

“By the way, it is a workday, Mr. Sandov. We are happy that the country is in perfect condition and you have time to chat on Facebook.”

“Mr. Minister, beware! Hoe on the horizon!”

“Well, Mr. Minister, you have forgotten the times when you were filming the cars with which Borisov arrived and departed. They were also of the NSP, diesels like the one you are using. You are cute, you are brilliant, you are a minister with more than 10 hours online on Facebook. Jassim may tell Kiril Petkov about it!” say some of the comments.