The protest of the mothers was used by Yulia Berberian – convicted for deceptions involving exchange of ruined studios for land in Borisova Garden; Toma Belev – the ecologist famous for his grants, who ruined Vitosha in his capacity of former director of the park; Petar Kardzhilov – the PR and advocate of Desislava Ivancheva who was arrested with money for bribing amounting to EUR 70,000. Apparently the allegations that the protest was organized by other persons and the mothers are used are true. All three of the above persons belong to the cohort of the structures related to Prokopiev. The Berberians are furious supporters of Hristo Ivanov-Boykikev. Many photos show that the daughter Manuela Maleeva can always be found in the places where he is present, painfully experiencing any criticism of Ivanov. Toma Belev is the leader of the Greens. Their party is assisted daily by the media of the Capital circle. Petar Kardzhilov was appointed by Ivancheva as a PR and became her most trusted person. And he is one of the Greens, a candidate for MP from "Yes, Bulgaria". They are called “smart-beautiful yellow paving stones” disparagingly by people. The profession “protester” in their circles is quite common. But their primary goal is always money and benefits. Whether it's a replacement, a EU public procurement or a bribe does not matter. They are not interested in any mothers with children at all. It is important to appear on photos demonstrating their presence there. To be broadcast in the evening news and some day to redeem these operations of theirs. Source: Here are the faces of the "spontaneous" protest - Yulia Berberian, Toma Belev and Peter Kardzhilov