The people of Hristo Ivanov are now officially calling for legalization of marijuana. Borislav Sandov, who managed to secure a place in the previous parliament, posted a photo on which he is smoking a cigarette of the prohibited drug.

It turns out that besides the closure of courts and revocation of prosecutors, the party of Democratic Bulgaria and its coalition partners are working on a proposal for the legalization of marijuana. Sandov has already prepared the ground by posting pictures of himself smoking pot, while his colleague Ivan Kalchev boasted with a finalized proposal. “In a time where the whole civilized world is heading towards decriminalization and legalization of psychoactive substances and plants…” say DB and the Green. Not long ago Kalchev himself had marijuana growing farms which he sold, but maybe his entering the parliament will enable him to renew his business.

We remind the readers that Vasil Bozhkov also mentioned the legalization of the soft drug alongside the main priorities of his party. According to him the kids would feel safer if they smoked marijuana at designated places.

Earlier, in Kardzhali, the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov asked Vasil Bozhkov, who was preparing to legalize marijuana, where his wholesale outlets would be.